When is oxygen mandatory?

NEW! gemäß EASA ab 2016 Oxygen ab 10.000ft verpflichtend! 

This can take the form of a fixed installation oxygen, or a portable bottle system, and a feature is that with the portable system, certification is not required


When is oxygen to be used?

From 10,000 feet every person must have an uninterrupted oxygen supply in use.


Planned IFR flight with a C172 at FL 100 with a sustained 30 min. flying time at this height, oxygen to be taken on board. When you have a ramp check without oxygen on board, then the authorities will fine you.

In the case of an accident when the authorities find the flight has with FL 100 over 30 min. duration it can happen that the insurance may not pay for any damage. In this case too, the responsible pilot will be held fully responsible and this can be passed on to the next of kin in the case of the pilots death.